Charter Purposes of Frontier Peace:

- To engage in consulting on matters of governmental policymaking, including the active advocacy for repeal, creation, or modification of laws consistently with the Christian-libertarian philosophy of limited government.

- To manage and operate the Association as an alliance of dues-paying supporters who assist on a regular basis in setting the issue priorities of the Association, provided such issue stances remain consistent with the Christian-libertarian philosophy of limited government.

- Unless compelled by law or court order, the Association and its staff shall never sell, gift, trade or otherwise disclose to anyone or any entity any personally identifying information or any contact information of any client participant in the Company’s membership association business. 

- The Association is purposefully structured as a private non-governmental lobbying organization to provide maximum legal protection of the personally identifying information of its client-members. 

Your Boots-on-the-Ground for Liberty Alliance


Bob Corkins is LA’s chief lobbyist. A native Kansan and product of the state’s public schools, Bob is an attorney who has spent his entire career working in and around the Kansas Statehouse as a policy wonk and friendly influencer of laws. Beginning as a business advocate on tax policy for the Chamber of Commerce, Bob went on to lead a nonprofit libertarian think tank, an associated nonpartisan caucus of Kansas legislators, and some large and small Kansas government agencies.

Guided by his faith and inspired by the Libertarian Christian Institute, Bob’s latest adventure is Liberty Alliance, the fusion of numerous hands-on experiences in limiting the role of government in our lives. Residing in Lawrence, Kansas, Bob has been married to the same wonderful wife for 35 years, boasts of two impressive adult sons, and will happily chat with anyone, anytime, about fly fishing, home beer brewing, and the peace of liberty.

The Man Behind the Curtain

Jeff Frye is a native Kansan and product of Hutchinson public schools. He has spent his career as a financial professional and business owner in Kansas. He has a passion for the freedom of his fellow Kansans including the protection and restoration of liberties that have been eroded by government overreach. 

Jeff has been married to the same wonderful woman for 38 years with 3 accomplished adult children and one grandson. In his free time he enjoys fly fishing, cooking, watching sports and being silly with his grandson.

Why is Liberty the broadest and most important cause to champion?

• It’s an overarching philosophy for applying to any & all issues.
• It’s the most life-affirming approach for government.
• It provides the environment in which the greatest number of people will seek, find and follow their spiritual calling.
• As it grows, it provides the greatest good (health, opportunity, prosperity, loving relationships, etc.) for the greatest number of people.
• An excellent in-depth exploration of the full scope and application of our philosophy is presented online by a separate non-profit entity,
• The core of Liberty philosophy is founded on property rights and the Non-Aggression Principle. 
• EVERY interest is a “special interest”, but the love of liberty makes us ALL allies.

Why is Frontier Peace the best way to promote Liberty and the surest way to separate church and state?

• It’s an affordable way for regular, everyday people to have a constant voice in the making of laws. Far too often, if issue concerns are out of lawmakers’ sight, they’re out of mind. It’s a huge mistake to assume that your elected officials serve as good and reliable lobbyists for you.
• All non-profit organizations (such as 501c3 or 501c4) are restricted in the allowed extent of lobbying they may do, but for-profit organizations are not restricted. For-profit membership associations can also best assure their members’ legal privacy. Frontier Peace has received direct guidance from state Governmental Ethics enforcers for operating our association lawfully in this fashion.
• Frontier Peace is non-partisan and has no connection with the Libertarian Party.
• Frontier Peace applies libertarianism in keeping with a Christian perspective, but remains non-denominational, tolerant and respectful of all other faiths, and committed to universal nonaggression.
• Our Liberty philosophy is one of very limited government, advocating for reducing laws and regulations that go beyond the protection of peace, life and property, and that actively enforce judgmental social engineering. This “live and let live” approach respects a legitimate smaller role for government in our daily lives and is the best safeguard against a theocracy that tries to coerce any broader range of moral behavior.
• Staff expertise of Frontier Peace includes seasoned legal counsel, decades of Kansas lobbying practice on a wide range of high profile issues, in-depth relationships with dozens of key lawmakers, proven success in social media marketing, firsthand leadership of prominent state agencies, and many years of private sector (profit and nonprofit) organization management including think tank policy research.

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